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Psychology Department Writing Abilities

Faculty in our department outlined these desirable features of student writing at 3 different time points of matriculation: Writing Abilities for Psychology Students

Psychology Department Examples

Click the link below to see some assignments and writing-related lessons your colleagues are using in their classes. Feel free to contact the instructor with questions or advice on implementing something similar in your classroom!

Short Lessons Ideas

See the list of brief in-class Activities and Prompts that can illustrate some of our department’s defined writing abilities.  The objective is to pick prompts that demonstrate the writing abilities relevant to the writing assignments you use in your particular class.  You may need to first activate relevant knowledge/context. Be sure to explain the goal of the activity and give time limits.

Here are some example slides, illustrating the ideas in the in-class Activity and Prompts list:

U of M Resources

  • Center for Writing, Teaching With Writing - Instructor Resources - find ideas for writing assignments, rubrics, and more.
  • TWW Teaching with Writing Blog - this resource contains many tips for improving student writing. Check out the list of topics in the lower right of the main page.
  • WEC Writing-Enriched Curriculum - information about the University-wide program
  • WEC Psychology - information about the Department's participation in WEC

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